The journey of the heart through Shakti meditation

As a Seeker of Yoga, I have learned through my own journey and practice to trust my intuition. If instinct is the domain of the gut, then intuition, I believe is buried deep in our hearts and hold the secrets to our Soul and our Soul’s path.

Devi Ananda and Avril Bastiansz, Rab, Croatia 2019.

Devi Ananda and Avril Bastiansz, Rab, Croatia 2019.

Following my intuition has become easier over time, the more you practice and trust it, the better you get at hearing and noticing what its’ telling you. It has been said that intuition does not come to an unprepared mind…it is something we must cultivate …I call this ‘the journey of the heart’.  

The most significant question which I have contemplated on this journey is about my purpose here on earth. The question of ‘‘why am I here” & what is my Dharma?  It was paradoxical..whilst I felt a restlessness within me to know this at the same time I had a sense of knowing that the answer resided deep within my heart. 

A few years ago, after many years of seeking …….I had an experience, what one might call an epiphany during a yoga workshop and the the answer was revealed to me in quite a visceral way and with unshakeable clarity and certainty.

From then on, I was ready to begin my work as a teacher on the path of Self-realisation. I feel privileged to be a teacher of Yoga.

Fast forward to now …...and my journey of the heart continues…..

My interest in ‘Shakti’ the Divine Feminine emerged soon after …which led me to follow my heart to Croatia and to meet the one whom I now call my spiritual teacher or Guru, Ananda Vdovic and to study Shakti meditation under her guidance.

Shakti meditation is a mantra based meditation technique based on the Vedic tradition, which when practiced allows the mind to transcend into deep states of consciousness and to experience states of Samadhi.

Having been introduced to meditation practice through Transcendental Meditation ™ a few years back, I have experienced a greater sense of awareness, increased energy, contentment and personal transformation in my own life. I believe this to be one of the easiest meditation techniques which requires the least effort in our busy modern lives. 

Shakti is the feminine energy that creates and transforms everything. It is the creative force that gives birth to everything that is manifest in this universe – it is Mother Nature!  

Our world, this universe, is at a point in its’ evolution where it is seeking to heal and to bring balance after a long era of masculine dominance…..and she is doing this through awakening the Divine Feminine Spirit (Shakti) within us all.

I’m no expert, and in my humble understanding, in Vedic philosophy, it is believed that everything in creation is made up of two forces. The Shiva/Shakti or the Purusha/Prakriti - these are the Masculine Principle, which is the (Purusha) - believed to be pure undifferentiated energy and the Feminine Agent – (Prakriti) - the creative force or awareness and together they form what we call ‘consciousness’.

In Indian mythology, the Divine Feminine energy takes the many forms as portrayed in the pantheon of Hindu Goddesses and their archetypes with which we are more familiar with; such as Maheshwari, Durga, Parvati, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, name a few. Each religious tradition have their own deities: Mother Mary, the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin and so forth and each of these Goddesses possess their own unique powers which are needed for this healing process. 

You can learn more about Devi Ananda’s Shakti Meditation in this video (approx. 10 minutes) :

I am humbled to be on this path and to be able to share my personal journey with you in the hope that it inspires you and helps to heal out hearts and our world.

Jai Devi Ma! (Blessings from the Divine Mother)


Advanced Shakti Meditation Retreat with Devi Ananda Vdovic and blissful yogi friends. Rab, Croatia 2019.