Become Y O U 1st Milestone Anniversary

Become YOU 1st anniversary.jpg

It has been 1 year since I launched the Become Y O U program as a pathway for women to discover who they are and design the life they are here to live. This program is based on the book ‘the four faces of women’ by Caroline Ward. I was inspired by its teachings, the message of the divine feminine power (Shakthi) and the universal need to recognise this in our current climate. By harnessing this Shakthi energy/power, we break through the conditioned beliefs we hold, the old paradigms of gender roles and are able to strip away the labels. Through this program women are empowered to live authentically, to reconnect with their community, to become agents for change and to fulfil their own potential. The four faces of women takes you on a journey of Self discovery. 12 months on, the program continues to evolve.

It begins with knowing the ‘'Self’. I see this as the key missing piece in most peoples’ lives. How can we know what is right for us when we do not know who we truly are? When you are asked ‘‘who are you’’ how do you respond?

Our response is often using our name, gender, age and other labels and roles we use to identify ourselves. These are mostly external to us, interchangeable, variable parameters or “conditioned” responses. You only have to take your age and consider how this measure affects you throughout your life! When you strip all of these away .…who are you?

This has been my lifelong work - as the Philosopher, Socrates put it ‘‘ Know thySelf” !
The framework for my broader teachings are about this - Self realisation.

Become Y O U is a program for Self discovery. I use the sacred teachings of Yoga, with its vast knowledge base & methods, including asana, pranayama, kriya, mantra & meditation, as well as Ayurvedic lifestyle supported with evidence based nutritional principles. Along with experience and learning taken from my own personal journey as well as from those who have travelled this path before us to create this program and practice methodology to support your transformation.

The best analogy I can think of to describe this program is one of baking a cake - you have the I n g r e d i e n t s , Y O U are it. The M e t h o d is what we learn in the workshops, practice daily and during the immersive retreats and the P r o c e s s of transformation unfolds - and you Become Y O U.

These are my teaching offerings :

  1. Sacred Self Sessions ( Next Session, Sunday 13 October 2019)

  2. Become Y O U - 8 week Workshop Series (Beginning, January 2020 )

  3. Retreat to Sri Lanka (November 21 - December 3, 2019)

  4. Weekly, Sunday, Sadhana Practice (every Sunday 9-10:30am)

You can learn more about these individual offerings and sign up by visiting the website. They are small, group sessions, make sure to book your spot.

With gratitude to all those who have contributed and supported me on this journey.

From the ❤️,